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Uganda Partners of InnoFoodAfrica held an Inception Webinar for the Project

Kulika Uganda hosted an inception webinar of the InnoFoodAfrica Project for Uganda on February on 26/2/ 2021. The purpose of the webinar was to officially launch the project in Uganda and introduce the various WPs and partners of the project and secure a buy-in from key stakeholders. 32 participants from various organizations that were comprised mainly of agricultural science experts, food and nutrition researchers, food processors, and packaging scientists attended the meeting. The inception webinar also provided a forum for agricultural scientists and researchers, food processors, packaging scientists and companies to discuss various ways of improving food systems and thus promoting the African indigenous crops as nutrient-rich and healthy foods. A series of presentations were delivered from WP leaders from AAU, UNES, UH, UP, OSSREA and VTT.  Collectively, these presentations provided detailed information by each WP about: 1) the Uganda partners involved in the project, 2) consumers’ value chain and business model, 3) Improved Food and Nutrition 4) Food Processing and Product Innovation, 5) Bio-based Packaging, 6) Communication, Dissemination, and Exploitation. The meeting was designed to be interactive and to stimulate conversation and exchange across disciplines.

InnoFoodAfrica Uganda Inception Webinar Proceedings

Read the Proceeding of the webinar from this report:

Uganda Inception Webinar Proceedings

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