The InnoFoodAfrica project is fully committed to all the fundamental principles of research integrity across all its activities which will be ensured through compliance with ethical requirements in all the project countries.

Work Package 8, is charged with this task and will oversee and ensure compliance with the ethics requirements related to the following four topics:

  • Research participants

Research activities involving human participants will be submitted for approval by local ethics committees. Participation in InnoFoodAfrica activities and events is voluntary and participants will be well informed about the project activities, the objectives and their right to participate, decline or withdraw from the project.

  • Protection of personal data

Project partners have set down procedures for protection of personal data which will be followed. All partners acknowledge that personal data is the property of the individual and it will be treated and preserved according to the GDPR and national applicable laws. All personal data collected in surveys, interviews, questionnaires and workshops is confidential and it will not appear in any public documents.

  • Countries outside EU

InnoFoodAfrica promotes openness and co-ownership of the research and outcomes. The activities are focused on empowering local African communities and building competence through trainings, workshops,Β  innovations, cooperation and networks. The project has exercised due diligence in relation to Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) Regulation and Nagoya Protocol by consulting with national focal points and external experts in the Commission.

  • Environmental protection and safety

The InnoFoodAfrica partnership is committed to environmental protection and safety. The project does not utilize any technologies or substances that are harmful to the environment. A thorough assessment on the possible harm to the environment and the measures that will be taken to mitigate those risks has been performed. Appropriate occupational health and safety guidelines will be followed by all researchers and all partners are compliant with national and international legislations involving environment, health and safety.

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