Job Opportunity

Research Manager Food Fermentation – Puratos

Key tasks and responsibilities

  • Understand how microbes influence food characteristics
  • Identify and understand functionalities of worldwide traditional food fermentations with main focus on Africa
  • Create functionalities by using fermentation technology on local African crops
  • Apply and integrate a variety of experimental, computational and statistical methods to study the microbiome populations
  • Contribute original ideas to the prosecution of laboratory and/or field experimental procedures in collaboration with local universities
  • Build a network with local stakeholders, identify external competences and partners to collaborate or access as a service
  • Take the lead on setting up research consortia in line with the strategy, to implement the research program and follow up on it
  • Translate concepts of fermented food biotopes from other regions as a part of the innovation pipeline
  • Collaborate in R&D projects across a diverse set of scientific disciplines including fermentation, analytics and computational biology to provide insights and expertise required for successful project progression


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