In an effort to contribute to the reduction of food losses and increase the efficiency of identified crop value chains in the InnoFoodAfrica Project, the team conducted a survey of agrofood losses and side streams in crop value chains in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa.

Project partners, University of Nairobi Enterprise Services in Kenya, Amhara Agricultural Research Institute-ARARI and the Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa-OSSREA both in Ethiopia conducted policy makers interviews and data collection from farmers, primary assemblers, wholesalers, producers, distributors and traders. This has been completed in Kenya and Uganda is still ongoing in Ethiopia and South Africa. The report with results from the data collection and the interviews are expected by the end of 2021.

Another key component of the project is to provide bio-based packaging solutions to guarantee sufficient shelf-life for food products. This is being done by converting plant material remains including food waste and by-products to produce reinforced packaging. In line with this, two side streams (Sorghum and Faba bean stems) are currently being examined at VTT and are being treated for further processing.

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