New technology for speedy preparation of samp
from hours to minutes

Trond Løvdal*, Eda Coskun*†, Dagbjørn Skipnes*
Nofima – Norwegian Institute of Food, Fisheries and Aquaculture Research, Department of Process
Technology, Richard Johnsens gate 4, N-4021 Stavanger, Norway
† Ankara University, Department of Food Engineering, Golbasi Kampusu, 06830 Golbasi-Ankara, Turkey

Samp is a popular African dish consisting of dried and crushed corn kernels. Due to the time-consuming preparation of the dish, this product has not yet released its potential. We have developed a technology that results in a convenient ready-to-heat canned samp. Samp is a tasty and flavourful, comforting and filling dish. Since it requires only a handful of ingredients, it is affordable and accessible to all households. It can be cooked on a household stovetop or open fire. Samp dishes are so popular that they are widely used at community or family gatherings like weddings, funerals, Christmas, and Easter. The only drawback of samp is the long cooking time. In a modern world when people are busy at work and want to spend their spare time on leisure activities instead of cooking for hours, samp is losing ground as an everyday staple food alternative to more convenient dining options. For more read the brief below.

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