InnoFoodAfrica at the 22nd International Congress of Nutrition held in Tokyo, Japan

From December 6 to 11, 2022 one researcher and one PhD student of the Institut Agro Montpellier presented a poster on the “Nutritional optimization and starch and protein digestibility of pasta made with gluten free African cereal and legume flours on the 22nd International Congress of Nutrition held in Tokyo, Japan”. The work presented was the fruit of the collaboration of eight French researchers from the WP2 and WP4 packages of the InnoFoodAfrica Project. More than 3,300 researchers from around the world participated in the congress.



Fig: Valérie Micard and Pauline Pinel from Institut Agro, Montpellier

The poster was presented in one of the nine different sessions of the congress: the session concerning “Functional Foods and Bioactive compounds”. This session was also an occasion to meet a researcher from the University of Dehli working on Amaranth-pearl millet-chickpea gluten free cookies!

In addition, many sessions followed up such as on vegetable diets, eating to protect our planet, the future of processed foods, the importance of protein quality in our diet and others.

Fig: Pauline Pinel, PhD, presenting her electronic poster

Fig: Paulien Pinel in one of the numerous conference room

International Forum building of Tokyo where the congress was organized

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