Workshop – Food Systems in Africa and Mediterranean countries

A workshop on Food Systems in Africa and Mediterranean countries was organised between the 7th and the 9th of November 2022 in Montpellier. It brough together participants from InnoFoodAfrica consortium

(marked with blue circles from left to right: Dr M.-J. Amiot-Carlin in UMR MoISA, Montpellier; Dr K. Baye Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia and Dr V. Lullien-Pellerin in UMR IATE, Montpellier). The InnoFoodAfrica project was presented in the headlines to all of the participants in this meeting coming from Senegal, Morocco, Algeria, Ghana, South Africa, Lebanon, etc… This meeting was organised thanks to the KIM Initiative Food and Health organisation supported by Montpellier University Site of Excellence. Its aim is to think about how we could co-build solutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, mainly SDG2 (zero hunger) and SDG3 (good health and well-being).

After main talks presenting some of the traits of the agro-food systems across Mediterranean countries and in Africa, three parallel sessions were organised to explore further:
1) The food transition in urban areas;
2) The eating disorders and diseases due to food;
3) The nutritional transition and the place of proteins
It was an occasion to explain what we are doing in our European project, InnoFoodAfrica, which appears in line with the encountered problems observed by other scientists in Africa and surrounding the Mediterranean costs concerning food and health. All of the photos and talks of this workshop are available in the following address:

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