InnoFoodAfrica at International Agriculture Global Conference & Exhibition

25 February to 5 march 2023 Paris, France

Over 615,000 visitors recently attended an event in France, where they had the opportunity to meet with professionals working to feed people around the world. The event, which included over 40,000 professionals and French and international delegations, as well as more than 110 official political delegations, was a major success.

One of the key attractions at the event was the presentation of the InnoFoodAfrica project, which took place on the INRAE stand. During the 10-day event, 15 people from the Joint Research Unit IATE demonstrated the interest of African raw materials, as well as the production and nutritional benefits of pasta products. Visitors were treated to an explanation of the plant protein richness and amino acid complementarity of such pasta, as well as pasta microscopy structure, grain and legume first transformation, and a range of other related topics. The team also created quizz, game cards, and films to further engage visitors.

The InnoFoodAfrica project team required over two weeks of preparation, and it proved to be a hit with special visitors, including the French Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty and the first French Minister, as well as people of all ages. This successful event highlighted the importance of feeding people all over the world, especially in France, and showcased the innovative work being done in the field.

Watch the cowpea pasta processing video: 

  • A film made for the occasion by INRAE communication


Pasta quiz on Cowpea

Photos from the event

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